martes, 17 de octubre de 2017

Zindy Nielsen

Tubo free by Zindy Nielsen tribute a Callie
In memory of Callie Winters-Geschwind (Cherry Blossom Desings) , your kindness and friendship, has done nothing but leave sadness and consternation among all of us who were lucky enough to have you as a friend, rest in peace, I will never forget you.
Tube gratis de Zindy Nielsen tributo a Callie
En memoria de Callie Winters-Geschwind(Cherry Blossom Designs) , tu amabilidad y amistad no ha hecho mas que dejar tristeza y consternación entre todos los que tuvimos la suerte de tenerte como amiga, descansa en paz, nunca te olvidare.


CT for Laguna Art, "Halloween Halloween Orchestra (Girl with Violin and Owl)"

"Halloween Halloween Orchestra (Girl with Violin and Owl)"